Showcase your entire business in 360°

360 Virtual Tours

Halo is a leader in Virtual Tours Vietnam in the 5-star hospitality, entertainment and tourism sectors. Our virtual tours are immersive and interactive and provide a full 360 view of a destination. 360 tours have numerous benefits in search ranking improvements, direct booking increases and in offering site visitors an interactive experience when viewing your property, business, facilities or products.

Showcase your entire business in 360°

Why 360 Virtual Tours?

Enhance your presence on search engines and showcase your business to potential clients. Research shows that pages containing virtual tours receive up to 40% more clicks than those without them.
Increase engagement time -  Websites with 360 virtual tours by Halo Digital Media are viewed up to 10 times longer than sites without. As viewers navigate through the tour they are spending more time thinking about and engaging with your brand.
Seeing is believing - Virtual tours increase consumer confidence as they are transparent and allow customers to clearly see what it is you are offering. Whether its a hotel room, gym facilities, a school classroom, or co-working space, a virtual tour is a great way to show it off.
Adapting to Covid- It's clear that people are traveling less and less due to the global pandemic. This has resulted in a huge increase in the consumption of virtual tours in all industries. A Virtual tour by Halo Digital Media will put the client right in the center of your business without having to leave home.

Halo Media is the official media supplier of 360 Virtual Tours to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) and the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB). Over the last 36 months, we have shot all the Unesco Heritage sites in Vietnam, major cities and golf courses in 360. These include some of Vietnam’s most popular destinations such as Halong Bay, Hoi An, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

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Hotels & Resorts
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What makes our tours unique?
Exportable for Google Street/Google Business and Facebook meta data for 360 views.
Interactive and immersive tours (add multi language text, extra photos, video, sounds/music and direct booking to your website or preferred OTA).
Local supplier meaning tours can be easily refreshed and updated as a property evolves.
Fast loading tours with easy upload to multiple platforms 
VR ready (using VR headset). 
Includes both drone and photography 360 panoramas
Why make a 360 Tour?

The age of taking some nice photos and inserting them into your website to sell a location is over! More and more, customers are becoming harder to impress and are expecting better content. Competition is ever increasing and brands are struggling to differentiate themselves.

Grow your Business

By digitizing your business, you can keep growing amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual tours will save you time on physical viewings and generate you more leads.

Rank Higher

Premium 360 tours by Halo Digital Media boost time spent on site, increase social engagement and site traffic and reduce bounce rates - ranking your site higher on Google

Who needs a Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours are not only suitable for hotels and resorts, but also properties, gyms, shops, restaurants and any type of business that has a physical space. They add an extra dimension and layers of interactivity to any business space and help to engage potential customers for longer.

Build Trust from Anywhere

Prospective customers can explore your space from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day with online property viewings.

We are Google Streetview
Double visits and boost SEO
How it works

With our help, we will arrange a site-survey and choose the amount of scenes, design elements and points of interest.


We use the latest technology to shoot fast and in high quality ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Post Production

Back at our studio, the magic happens and we put your virtual tour together and add your branding. Test files are sent to you for approval until the tour is just how you want it.


Once you’re fully satisfied, we deliver the tour to you and help you upload across your digital platforms.

All our tours are fast performing and use the most recent advances in tour technology that allow us to shoot and produce a product that will capture attention. Our tours are supplied in HTML5 so you're covered across a huge number of mobile devices, web platforms and social media.